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Welcome to the elite empire of Laptops Mag. We are here to share fruitful knowledge and experiences with you. You will be able to resolve (daily basis) laptop-related issues by going through step-by-step guides on fixing problems.

We also explain the reasons behind the problems you may be facing in your daily life. We are not limited to technical problem solving only but also provide suggestions for buying electronics. Buying a laptop or other electronics can be very tricky, and you have to know the pros and cons before closing a deal.

Fasten your seat belt as we will be taking you on the journey with us, ensuring your return to this website for your future concerns. We will guide you through the pros and cons, helping you to finalize the deal.

As you are here, you must be selecting the best laptop available in the market in an affordable budget range or looking for laptop-related issues. Laptopsmag is the ultimate solution to all your problems. It is a great source that helps you through your journey and assures you to make your purchase decision without any hassle.

This site covers a range of topics, including laptop specifications, laptop issues, buying guides, gaming laptops, business laptops, ultra-portable laptops, headphones, computer accessories, software, and other electronics.

We will share with you how you can improve your buying and decision-making skills while buying laptops backed by real customer reviews.

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We are continually working on providing you with advanced-level research about Laptop guides based on our unique scoring systems. laptopsmag.com is launching its massive verity in the upcoming months. So stay tuned with us.

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With 5 years of experience in multidimensional freelancing, Ayesha is a competent writer for HomeGymionmulti-dimensional of experience and has some of the best writings on fitness and health. Ayesha owns a master’s degree in mathematics, a freelance diploma, and a graphics designing certificate.

Since Ayesha has been into workouts, so she provides useful information about the best exercise machines for your home gym with her writings at HomeGymion.com.


I am Maryam, an instructor and a writer at HomeGymion.com. I am blessed with the exciting job of an instructor, as I get to interact with people from all age groups. However, I design my workouts after studying the physical fitness and health conditions on my clients. My workout sessions varying from the lady in 60s dealing with diabetes to a teen bride to be struggling with obesity.

Excuses for skipping work out and staying inactive is an everyday thing in my profession. But trust me! It worsens things, and you end up with more health problems.

So, if you are too lazy to get out of the house, I suggest investing in a good exercise machine.

You can get a good treadmill with advanced features, comfy padding to go easy on joints, accurate speed, and inclination modifications, which are easy to use.

 Hence, this is my take on staying fit without getting out of the comfort zone of your home.


Jarrod’s tech:

Meet Jarrod, a technology reviewer from Australia. Jarrod year’s experience has hundreds of laptop reviews on his YouTube channel.

His obsession with reviewing almost every gaming laptop from a user’s perspective makes him an ideal candidate to work with. So, you can always rely on his suggestion if you want to pick the right laptop for your need.

Tech Chap:

Tom is a content creator from the United Kingdom. With 1.3 million plus views Tom runs one of the most successful technology channels with the name Tech Chap.  Tom uses his experience throughout the years to test and review laptops and technology gadgets. Hence, his experience makes him a vital part of our team.

So before you get into buying decision regarding any laptop or gaming laptop, do check out his user-based practical reviews to invest in the right place.

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