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Sayed Najam shah

Syed najam shah

Syed is an entrepreneur PC-loving as well as a Laptop Expert and person who is the visionary in the creation of Laptops Mag. He is obsessed with Laptops as well as their components and is constantly seeking to know more. Through Laptops mag, he hopes to transform and alter the way online reviews are conducted.

He is also the leader of the team of experts who work all day and night to enhance rating quality. They only provide authentic information to those who go on Laptops mag.


Ayesha is an expert writer with 5 years of experience in different niches. Her urge to learn about gadgets and technology makes her a promising writer for websites. Ayesha owns a master’s degree in mathematics, a freelance diploma, and a graphics designing certificate.

Since she has a work-related laptop and a love of technology writing allows us to help us with gems of useful information.



I am a freelance content writer and a freak for laptops. As a boy mom,, I have been around gadgets and gaming laptops, giving me good pieces of knowledge about what is the best. I own a BBA Hons. Degree and a diploma in freelancing as well. My past experience of working with software houses for marketing-related and other jobs always kept me connected to the gadget.

Moreover, my five years of experience include content regarding gadgets ranking, laptop reviews, Amazon views, and more. My goal is to go closer to the user’s problems and queries by personally experiencing the gadget before reviewing it. This is my mantra to it help you make a wise laptop purchase decision so that you end up investing in the right place.