How to charge the laptop battery without a laptop

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How to charge the laptop battery without a laptop?

When your laptop battery is drained, you may find yourself a way to charge it. Luckily for all troubleshooting purposes, we’ve created an easy guide that shows how to Charge Your Laptop Battery Without A laptop Or Extra Charger!

You can charge the laptop battery using another laptop by either plugging it into the wall with an AC adaptor; cords that come included in most laptops. You will also have power banks when you’re out of juice on one side, but not sure how long battery life lasts. So don’t forget about those! Know you can also read how to remove CMOS battery?

Means to charge the laptop battery without a laptop:

Detach the battery

Externally charge the battery:

You should always ensure that the pins on your battery can be used with an external charger before you attach it to a computer. It’s not possible for all batteries, so check first!

Laptop battery manufacturers design batteries differently, and they may or not be able to charge externally with such adapters. The method only works for detachable laptop psi that can take advantage of an AC outlet.

However, even then, there are some limitations on how often you’ll want/need this capability!

Externally charge the battery of the laptop

Perks of Externally charging the battery:

If you find yourself without power or a charged-up laptop, this nifty device will keep your computer running.

You can never have too many laptop batteries. It is always a good idea to keep one or more extras on hand in case; your primary battery dies while you’re working away at the computer!

Having an extra battery that you can charge without connecting your laptop is vital for many reasons. For example, if there’s no way of charging it when traveling and something happens with the original charger-you’ll be able to continue working!

An excellent idea too; because sometimes we misplace or lose our cords, they do not show up one day after being charged overnight (that always happens). So having another portable power source ready at all times will come in handy. If your laptop increase the run time you can also do this by read this post How to make overwatch run better on laptop?

Perks of Externally charging the battery

Understand the Laptop model:

To get the most for your money, you must know what type of laptop computer and operating system (OS) is in use before visiting any websites.

To find out what type of laptop you have, try looking at your system information. Whether or not! There is a model number listed that can depend on the manufacturer’s preferences–but it might be worth checking just in case!

  • Right-click on the Computer (This PC) at startup and then; select Properties to get all of your system information.

To get information on what your system is doing, you can look at the control panel or use a tool like System Information.

  • To start up the laptop, power on and open Control Panel from within your computer’s operating system.
  • There you will find a tab for “System” in which all of its various pieces are organized into this category, including information about hardware devices such as graphic cards or sound-alike controllers; another part being Security.

When you are confident that the information has been verified; go ahead and purchase a new battery or AC adapter connector.

battery of the laptop

Get a similar laptop to charge the battery:

It is a great last resort if all else fails. You’ll need an additional; working laptop whose model matches your current one, but this may not be best for you when traveling or if there are no compatible models available in stores near where you live/work.

The best way to charge your laptop battery is by plugging an AC Adapter into its connector. You should also have a backup power source so that you can use it while one charges, like carrying around extra batteries or portable chargers!

Solutions for Non-Removable Internal Batteries!

If you own a laptop with an internal battery, there’s no way to charge it unless the computer has been opened up.

The newer models of these slim and light laptops have almost replaced detachable batteries because they’re easier on your carrying case when traveling or if taken apart often enough before charging each time.

Plus, if you go this route, the instruments; and tools that need to open up your battery to test for wear-and-tear could cost almost as much as budget laptops!

A better option might simply; involve charging them in another device with higher amp ratings than what is currently there.

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 battery of the laptop

Conclusion : 

Charging the laptop battery without a laptop can be done in many ways. We have shown you three possible solutions, so it is up to you which one will work best for your needs. Do you have any other tips or tricks for charging non-removable internal batteries? Let us know in the comments below!

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