How to clean a laptop?

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How to clean a laptop?

There is no doubt that laptops are an important part of our lives. They allow us to work from anywhere and have access to a variety of different programs and files. However, these devices can get messy and dirty over time, which is why it’s so important to clean them regularly. Hence, this article will answer how to clean a laptop?

Most computers come with software that will help you to organize your data and information. You should install this software on your laptop to make sure that everything stays in order. If you want to keep your laptop looking new and clean, then you should take it out of its case and look inside it carefully. You should try to remove all dust and grime before you put it back together again. This will make it much easier for you to clean your laptop. You should also vacuum it regularly. This will help to keep the dust and dirt away from your computer and help it to stay in good condition. Once you have cleaned the dust from your laptop, you should wipe it down with a microfiber cloth.

How to clean a laptop?

Ways to clean a laptop:

There are two main ways to clean a laptop

  • using rubbing alcohol
  • Using isopropyl alcohol and a dry cloth. 

The best way to clean a laptop is to use rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth. Alcohol and a dry cloth will remove more dust than isopropyl alcohol and a dry cloth. Rubbing alcohol is the most effective way to clean a laptop. However, if you are in a hurry, you can use isopropyl alcohol and a dry cloth. Use isopropyl alcohol with a dry cloth. Clean the computer’s outer casing

Ways to clean a laptop

How to clean a laptop?

STEP 1: Get a bag

The first step in cleaning a laptop is to get a clean bag to put it in. This is very important because dirty bags will give off an odor, and this will transfer to the laptop.

Get a laptop bag

STEP 2: Remove all electronics

First things first, remove everything from the case. This includes the keyboard, monitor, battery, and power cable. Once you’ve removed all of these, move on to the rest of the laptop.

Remove all electronics

STEP 3: Remove the keyboard

Remove the keyboard by pushing on the keys until they pop out. This will remove the keyboard completely.

Remove the keyboard

STEP 4: Remove the screen

Remove the screen by lifting up on it and pulling it out. Now there’s only one thing left to remove.

Remove the screen

STEP 5: Remove the hard drive

Remove the hard drive by pulling it out and sliding it towards you.

Remove the hard drive

STEP 6: Remove the CPU

Now that everything’s out of the laptop, you need to remove the CPU. The CPU is located on top of the motherboard.

Remove the CPU

STEP 7: Remove the motherboard

Now that everything’s out of the laptop, you need to remove the motherboard.

Remove the motherboard

STEP 8: Clean the motherboard

Clean the motherboard by using a small amount of alcohol. You can use isopropyl alcohol, but you can also use rubbing alcohol.

Clean the motherboard

STEP 9: Reassemble the laptop

Once you’ve cleaned the laptop, reassemble it back into its original state.

Reassemble the laptop

How to clean a laptop fan?

Let us list down. the steps to how to clean a laptop fan:

How to clean a laptop fan

Step 1: Remove the fan

First, take a look at the instructions on the back of the fan. They should tell you what you need to do to remove the fan.

Remove the fan from laptop

Step 2: Find the screws

Once you have the fan off, find the two small screws holding it on. There should only be two.

Find the screws

Step 3: Unscrew the two screws

Now that the fan is off, you can unscrew the two screws. It should only take a couple of turns to get them loose.

Step 4: Clean the fan

You can clean the fan with a vacuum cleaner or a brush, but it really depends on the model. Some fans are very easy to clean and others require special brushes or vacuum cleaners

Clean the fan

How to clean a laptop screen?

Let us list down the steps to how to clean a laptop screen:

Laptop screens can be a pain to clean because they are made of glass and aren’t meant to be touched. But they can often become dirty from dust or fingerprints.

How to clean a laptop screen

STEP 1: Remove the Screen

The easiest way to clean a laptop screen is to remove it. Laptops usually come with a screen removal tool, and it’s very easy to do.

remove the Screen

STEP 2: Clean the Screen

Next, use a cloth to wipe the screen. I prefer microfiber cloths because they are less likely to leave streaks on the screen.

STEP 3: Reinstall the Screen

Once the screen is clean, you can reinstall it. Just follow the instructions on your laptop’s manual.

Reinstall the Screen of the laptop

STEP 4: Use a Protection Film

If you don’t want to risk damaging your laptop screen, you can protect it with a special protection film. It’s available in most electronics stores.

Use a Protection Film

STEP 5: Use a Dry Erase Pad

If you use a dry erase pad, you can easily erase notes, reminders, or sketches.


A laptop is not cheap. It can cost from $500 to more than $1,000 depending on its specs. However, a laptop that is dirty and has been dropped or spilled on is not worth the money. It will not only look bad but also it can affect your computer’s performance. To make sure that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your laptop, it is recommended that you clean your laptop on a regular basis.

The above methods and steps are for your help to get an idea about cleaning a laptop. I hope this article was helpful for you! 

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How do I clean a laptop?

The first thing you should do is turn off the computer. Then, you can remove the keyboard. After that, you should open up the case and remove the hard drive. Then, you should remove the display.

Can I just clean the screen? 

Yes, you can clean the screen.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner? 

Yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the screen.

How do I clean the inside of the laptop? 

You can clean the inside of your laptop by using a can of compressed air.

How do I clean the outside of my laptop? 

You can clean the outside of your laptop with a microfiber cloth.

What about cleaning the keyboard?

 You can clean the keyboard with a keyboard cleaner.

What about cleaning the mouse? 

You can clean the mouse with a microfiber cloth.

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