How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it

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How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it

Having a cracked laptop screen can be extremely embarrassing and frustrating to many. Who would want to carry a cracked laptop screen? The damage could be due to various reasons from pixel problems to faint display of the image on the screen or poor cable connection or a cracked screen.

Under such circumstances, you don’t need to panic. We have various solutions for your problem. Keep cool and examine your laptop thoroughly to see if the display truly needs replacing or if there is another problem with the display.

Because laptop large screens are practically impossible to fix, we must change them if they become broken. Under such a situation you might think of buying a new laptop but wait what about the cracked laptop that you spend money on purchasing? With all the important files stored in it.

Don’t worry, we have a solution to your problem. This article specifically guides how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it. You also have to learn how much money do you spend to fix laptops screen then check out how much does it cost to fix a laptop screen?

How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it

Some common reasons for a cracked screen

The screen doesn’t get damaged in only one way. There can be various reasons that lead to the cause. Let’s look at the reasons for a damaged screen.

How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it
  • Stress applied to the Laptop                           

While carrying a laptop in the bag pressure might damage the laptop due to the bag being placed in an enclosed space longer than usual.

carrying a laptop in the bag
  • Handling the laptop roughly

Another reason that might damage the laptop is that the laptop might not be handled with care. If you open and close the laptop with aggression it can break the capture mechanism.

 break the capture
  • Pixel Problem

The visuals of the screen can be affected due to huge obstacles to accurately view images. This might lead to damaged pixels.

How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it
  • A faulty wire connection

If your screen appears in white there might be an issue of loose cable connection between the screen and board of the system. Under such circumstances ensure to connect cables properly.

Aslo protect laptop screen from sun or buy use laptop screen for sunlight if you are daily user on laptop in day under sun

However, if you have a cracked laptop screen following guidelines need to be considered:

How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it

Fixing a cracked laptop screen without replacing it

Laptops are fragile machines that need to be handled with extreme care and consciousness.

Any mishandling might lead to a mishap that would eventually result in your loss but if you have a warranty that’s great, however if that’s not the case we are here to guide you on how to fix a cracked laptop screen without replacing it.

How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it

Prerequisites for replacing the screen on a laptop

How to fix a Cracked Laptop Screen without Replacing it
  •  Choose a comfortable environment

Since you would need to unscrew the laptop parts you would be needing a surrounding that is clear and away from any kind of disturbance and distractions.

  • Make access to objects with sharp edges

For laptop screen repair keep household utensils handy like a knife, needle or even a safety pin.

  • Enclosure for small items

When fixing the screen of the laptop you would need to have a container so you can place your screws.

  • An object made of thin plastic

To shift the laptop screen over, you’ll need a thin plastic knife to separate the bezel from the display’s connections.

  • Requirement of a Nitto-tape

While repairing the screen you would be requiring a Nitto-tape so it doesn’t drop or slide down. This helps in taping the screen while holding the screen until screwed up.

  • Kit of tools and accessories

You need to have a magnet head screwdriver.

After you’ve gathered all of the necessary tools, you’ll need to take the following steps:

Fixing a cracked laptop screen without replacing it

Step No 1: Turn off the electrical connection

The laptop must be unplugged from the power source.

Step No 2: Take a look at the bezels on the sides of the cracked screen

On each side of the bezels, there are little stickers. Thin protrusions on the lower edge of the screen enclosure can be identified if they are not present.

Step No 3: Needle or Sharp object

Place a needle or related pointy item into those stickers or protrusions and unscrew the cover. After detaching it, store it individually in a secure location and keep track of the top sides. Across one side, you can make little marks with a pen. If you have a laptop and after a long time strugle you would not be able to charging your laptop then read out how to fix laptop charger port?

Step No 4: Use the Screwdriver                                 

You should now be able to see the screen unit’s screws. By a small screwdriver remove the screws. While unscrewing hold the screen to support from the opposite side.

Step No 5: Place the screws in a container

Secure the unscrewed screws in the container to keep them in place.

Step No 6: Pull the screen from the plastic bezel

After you’ve removed all of the screws, carefully take the screen away from the plastic bezel.

Step No 7: Locate metal casing

As you remove the bezel, you’ll notice a metal casing around it. You must rotate the display for the metal casing to be visible. Your monitor will softly come out of its cover, and the cable connecting the display and Laptop will be visible.

Step No 8: Disconnecting the wires

The two most important links can be found here. The first is the link to the video, and the second is the inverter’s electric link. You must disconnect the Laptop and the display’s connecting wire.

Step No 9: Placing the New screen inside the casing

Once removing the previous screen, place the new one by inserting it in the casing. Tighten the screws, reconnect the cables, and carefully put the outer casing to complete the procedure.

Step No 10: Switch on to examine               

Once the process has been completed switch on the laptop to look for display whether it’s in function and working properly.

Wrapping Up

Damage to the laptop can lead to distress. However, smartly handling the situation will prevent you from going to any technician or worse lavishing money on a new laptop.

By following the guidelines you can easily repair a cracked laptop. The right tools and enough understanding will quickly fix your problem. Hope this works for you.

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