How to use laptop as monitor for ps4?

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How to use laptop as monitor for ps4?

Numerous people like to game on their PlayStation 4, but what if you do not have a TV to hook it up? Or maybe you want to game on the go and do not want to bring your heavy TV with you. Luckily! You can use laptop as monitor for PS4 and use your laptop as a monitor for ps5. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be gaming in no time.

Use your laptop as a monitor for ps4:

It may seem like a daunting task to use your laptop as an external monitor for the PS4 or use the laptop as a monitor for Xbox, but it is quite easy with some simple steps. You will need one of two options: 

Capture card or streaming service/Remote Play, which are both less expensive than buying another console!

You can also get around having wires everywhere by simply connecting through an HDMI cable or using a laptop monitor as HDMI. There are many ways this connection could go wrong. So make sure there are not any obstacles before trying anything else; even if all seems well at first glance, something might have happened in setting up:

How to use laptop as monitor for ps4

Connecting video capturing card to ps4 and laptop:

The input device for capturing video from your gaming console is a capture card. They are relatively inexpensive and can be purchased online through sites like Amazon. Though, they work best when used with streaming services rather than directly recording games on the fly without lag time in between frames or something similar. It may cause problems, depending upon how good you are at playing certain types of titles (like first-person shooters).if your laptop airplane mode not turn off check out How to turn off airplane mode on a Dell laptop?

Things you would need:

  • Laptop
  • PS4 Console 
  • HDMI cable 
  • Video Capture Card 
  • S-Video Connection cable 


  1. After plugging in your video capture card, install the program through an installation suite
  2. The easiest way to get video from your gaming captures is by using an S-Video cable. You can find these online, and they are cheap, too! Next, connect one end of the cord to this connector on top: ____(insert name)__ then plug in another device that is connected via HDMI output
  3. The next time you want to play a game on your PS5; connect it with an HDMI cable, and run the software from Windows. You will be able to enjoy whatever is being projected onto a screen in no time!
How to use laptop as monitor for ps4

Attach your Laptop with ps4 remote play:

Remote Play is a streaming service offered; by Sony itself. It allows players to enjoy PS4 gameplay on their computer monitors, but it also works with laptops! You will need these things: A PlayStation 4 consoles (of course), an internet connection and finally – you must have some friends who own one too so they can join in the fun 😉

You might need:

  • Laptop
  • PS4 Console 
  • PS4 Account 
  • Internet 
  • USB Cable 
How to use laptop as monitor for ps4


  1. To connect your PlayStation 4 to a PC or Mac, go onto Sony’s website and download the latest Remote Play app version. Make sure you select an operating system; that is, compatible with yours – Windows (for PCs) & Mac OS X!
  2. To use Remote Play on your PS4, you will need to allow a connection through the following process:
  3. Go into settings and choose remote play connections.
  4. Select enable next to PlayStation streaming service. Be sure that My gin is connected also appears in red ink before checking off these boxes if possible because this means they are already set up via WiFi rather than Ethernet cable like we do when setting things
  5. The more powerful your laptop, the higher you can keep graphic settings. It will provide a better gameplay experience on Remote Play with less lag and stuttering!
  6. Connect your PlayStation 4 controller to a connect laptop using the USB port. You can also connect it wirelessly by holding both buttons on top of the device simultaneously. Make sure you have enough battery life for this operation! If all goes well, after about four or five seconds spent finding their way from one screen into another; once paired, they will start dancing around joyfully like two old friends finally meeting again after many years apart (or something).
  7. Authenticate yourself with your PlayStation Network account, and you should be good to go. Now, open Remote Play on your laptop, so that it will connect both devices wirelessly – making sure the PS4 is turned on, before starting this process, or else there will not be an option for connecting them through ActiveSync! 
  8. After authenticating successfully (and quickly), launch whichever game(s) interest YOU most right now!

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How to use laptop as monitor for ps4

Conclusion paragraph: 

For all of you, PS4 gamers out there looking for a new way to play! We have some helpful tips on, how to connect your laptop with ps4 remote play. It will allow you to enjoy playing games on the big screen laptop while using your laptop as a monitor! As always, if you have any questions or need help deciding which setup is best for you- don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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