How to reset the Acer Laptop?

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How to reset the Acer Laptop

Acer is a well-known brand of laptops; that is often used in educational institutions. If your Acer laptop becomes unresponsive, you may need to do a hard reset. This article will explain how to reset the Acer laptop. Keep in mind that this procedure should only be used as a last resort, as it can result in data loss. If you have a dell laptop and don’t know how to turn of airplane mode then read How to turn off airplane mode on a Dell laptop?

Two methods to reboot the system:

Factory reset the Acer laptop in Acer Care Center

Restoring your system to factory settings is easy with Acer Care Center! The software also gives you the option of restoring networking drivers and preferences.

  • To find the Acer Recovery Management program, enter “Recovery” in the search box on your laptop and click it.
  • Click Reset your PC in Acer Care Center. 
  • This will erase all of the data on your computer and restore it back to its original state, ready for you!
  • Click the delete button next to your files or drives.
  • Make sure you click “Just remove my files” if it is only one drive that needs cleaning.”
  • Hit reset
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process!
How to reset the Acer Laptop

Factory reset Acer laptop when your laptop can not boot normally

  • To boot your Acer laptop normally again, you need to restore it with the Windows Recovery Environment.
  • To access your computer’s hard drive, you will need to turn it off and remove any external devices that might be connected. 
  • Press the power button on top of your laptop or pill, so it turns itself back ON after removing all these pesky gadgets from its USB ports!
  • Pressing both Alt and F10 at once will boot your laptop into a troubleshooting menu.
  • Click “Troubleshoot” from there for additional options such as Restart or Startup Settings > Boot Order Menu, where you can make changes in regards to how computers are started up when they are turned on afterward
  • Select Reset this PC
  • Select the Remove everything option
  • The computer restarts and gets your hard drive ready. 
  • You will see two options available on screen: Just remove my files or fully clean the drive; select an option depending upon what you need to be done!
  • Hit Restart when you are ready to Reboot
  • Your laptop is restarting. You will be able to choose your region and language once it is done, so follow the instructions on-screen.

If you are not familiar with your HP laptop and wants to start laptop in a safe mode then check out how to start an HP laptop in safe mode?

How to reset the Acer Laptop

Additional Tips:

It is vital to have the latest device drivers installed on your computer for it not randomly shut down. These missing or outdated pieces of software can cause glitches that lead to a laptop crash, so make sure you update all applicable resources!

You can do it in two ways:

  1. Manually driver update
  2. Automatically driver update

Manually update drivers:

To install the correct device driver for your computer, go to their website and search on “driver download.” Make sure you choose a version compatible with Windows 10 or 8 before downloading it!

Manually update drivers

Automatically update drivers:

Driver Easy enables you to automate the process of getting your drivers updated in just three easy steps.

  1. Scan Your Computer for Updates
  2. Downloads and installs them automatically with one click
  3. All without having to take off those shoes!

If you are like most people and do not know which driver is right for your computer, then Driver Easy should help! It is a simple process of just plugging in the device; then, clicking “next.” The program will find any compatible drivers available on their site so that all installation hassles can go away. We recommend you to read how to upgrade the laptop processor?

  • The FREE version of Driver Easy automatically updates drivers for you, but if your computer has been running smoothly and suddenly stops working correctly; then, there is no need to pay. The Pro offering lets users update their own software with just two clicks.
  • Download and install Driver Easy
  • Run Driver Easy clicks the Scan Now button; it will then scan through any problem drivers found to fix them up!
  • Click the yellow Update button next to your flagged device; then select Female from beneath Download Location. We will download and install this software on our computers so that you can use it too!
  • Or simply click Update All to download and install all missing or outdated drivers on your system (this requires the Pro version – you will be prompted about upgrading when it is time).
  • Restart your computer to apply the update.
Manually update drivers

Conclusion paragraph:

Acer Care Center and the Command Prompt are viable methods for resetting your Acer laptop. If you are having trouble with your laptop, try rebooting it using one of these methods. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the information you need to get your Acer laptop up and running again. Have you ever had to factory reset your Acer laptop? What was the process like for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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