Terms you need to know when you buy a laptop

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Terms you need to know when you buy a laptop

As you’re searching for the perfect laptop for yourself or your business, there’s a lot to consider. You’ll want a laptop that’s powerful enough to handle any task you throw at it, yet lightweight enough to carry around with ease. You’ll also want to make sure you get the best bang for your buck by comparing specs and features to ensure you find the best value for your money. Hence, we offer Terms you need to know when you buy a laptop. 

Nowadays, people are getting more and more dependent on laptops and tablets because of their easy usability. It is the easiest way to carry your work anywhere. The price of laptops has reduced very much in the past few years. However, a basic knowhow about which RAM works best for your business, or what is the role of RAM in a laptop, or storage necessarily to accommodate all your files makes shopping easy for you. Therefore, in this article we are discussing the terminologies which are a vital part of buying a laptop:

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Top terms you need to know while buying a laptop: 

Here are the top terms that you need to know while buying a laptop.


The processor is the heart of your laptop and it is the most important component. It controls the speed of your laptop. The speed of the processor depends upon the frequency and the voltage that it has.

The high-end processors are usually made up of two parts. The first part is the core and the second part is the graphics. In case you are using the Intel processor, then the graphics are integrated with the CPU.


There is nothing better than a laptop with a lot of memory. You can store tons of data in your laptop. But, you must understand that the memory has its limitations and the more you use your laptop the more your RAM will be occupied.

You should always buy a laptop with at least 2 GB of RAM. You can buy the laptop with 4 GB of RAM if you have more money.

 Screen Size

This is the most common feature that everyone wants to check out. You will be able to see your screen from various angles. You can also use the laptop without a screen protector.

If you are planning to buy a MacBook, then you must look for a 13.3-inch display.

Hard Drive

If you are planning to store all your data then you must buy a laptop with a large hard drive. You will be able to save all the data that you have stored in your laptop.

If you are planning to use the laptop for gaming purposes, then you should choose a laptop with a hard drive of 500 GB.

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity is the amount of storage space that you will get in your laptop. If you want to save a lot of data in your laptop, then you should always go for a laptop with a large storage capacity.

You can store a lot of music and videos on the laptop. The laptop with a 64 GB storage capacity is ideal.

Operating System

You can download the operating system of your choice in the market. There are various operating systems available for the different laptops.

Touch Screen

You can now buy laptops with touch screens. Most of the laptops that you will find in the market will have a touchscreen.


You must consider the weight of your laptop before buying it. You can go for a laptop with a light weight. You will find a lot of lightweight laptops in the market.

 Battery Life

Battery life is the most important factor to consider when you are buying a laptop. You will be able to use it for a longer time. You must also understand that a heavier battery will charge faster.


This is the most common feature that everyone considers while buying a laptop. You can easily buy a cheap laptop. But you will not get a very good one. It is important to know that you are getting the right laptop for your money. You can get a good laptop for under $300. If you want to have a good laptop, you should check out different laptops in the market. You will find many different types of laptops in the market.

Terms you need to know when you buy a laptop :Conclusion:

In conclusion, The most important thing to do before you buy any laptop is to research the company’s history and reputation. Ask yourself if you’re buying from a company that has a good track record. Is the company reputable? Does it have a good reputation with other customers? Do they offer great customer service? These are all things that you should be looking for when you’re shopping for a laptop. After all, a good product isn’t worth much if you’re not getting the best service.


What is the difference between a desktop and a laptop? 

The main difference between a desktop and a laptop is that a desktop is big and bulky, and a laptop is small and light.

What is the difference between a tower and a notebook?

 A tower is a bigger, more powerful computer. A notebook is smaller, lighter, and easier to carry.

How do I know if a laptop is compatible with my operating system? 

To find out if your laptop is compatible with your operating system, you need to look at the laptop’s specifications.

What’s the difference between an external and an internal hard drive? 

An external hard drive is one that plugs into your computer. An internal hard drive is one that is built into your computer.

What are the terms that I need to know before I buy a laptop? 

The terms that you need to know before you buy a laptop are screen size, screen resolution, and memory.

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