Why does my dell laptop keep freezing

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Why does my dell laptop keep freezing

If you have a Dell laptop, you may have noticed that it sometimes freezes. This can be very frustrating, especially if you need to use your computer for work or school. In this blog post! We will explore some of the reasons Why does my dell laptop keep freezing and we will offer some tips on how to fix the issue. Stay tuned! Sometime your laptop have a heavy workload so that they may stuck they need to reset. If you don’t know to reset a lapotp then check this post ways to Factory Reset Your laptop.

Why does my dell laptop keep freezing
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Dell laptop keeps freezing:

One of the most common issues with Dell laptops is it freezing. There is the only way to unfreeze your device, and that is by restarting them.

But then they freeze again! So today I am going over how you can prevent this from happening through various solutions for different problems listed below; please read more carefully than before because there are lots of helpful tips included here:

Why does my dell laptop keep freezing
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Reasons and solutions to Dell Laptop freezing:

When you pick up and move your laptop, it may freeze where nothing can be clicked; or keystrokes work. It could happen when opening files and applications as well. If there was an issue with overheating, you might find that clicking on anything brings everything back to life!

These glitches need to get fixed quickly because otherwise, things will start crashing more often than they should!

Luckily, there is a quick fix for the VLC media player problem. I will show you how to do this and; then tell me what step to take next!

Reasons and solutions to Dell Laptop freezing
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Uninstall VLC, it randomly freezes the laptop!

VLC is a popular media-playing program with an orange road cone icon. In my experience, it uses less ram than Windows Media Player and has been especially good at playing files that would not work in the latter program. If you have a dell laptop and you’re struggling from a long time to turn on but all in vain. So, check out why won’t my dell laptop turn on?

To uninstall it is very easy. Simply press the Windows key on your keyboard or click on the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen to bring up the Start menu.

Now, type ‘add remove’ and select the program from the list that appears when you hit enter/return button without selecting anything else first (you do not have any currently installed).

Click Uninstall option near the lower-right corner — this will initiate the removal process, which can take 10 minutes.

Clicking on ‘Add or remove programs’ will bring up a window with all the programs you have installed. Look for VLC Media Player and click it once to highlight.

Right-click the install option from the top menu, which pops out when your cursor is over this section; select Uninstall button if present at the lower-left corner of the screen after selecting desired program title/name mentioned above in input line 9.

Uninstall VLC, it randomly freezes the laptop!
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The incorrect time zone on windows creates a conflict:

Have you ever noticed how your computer suddenly decides to freeze up while doing something as straightforward as opening a document? The answer may be that Windows is set in an incorrect time zone.

The software on our computers records what location we’re located at so licenses will work properly; or reverting changes such as deleting files if need be, but it also needs accurate timing for certain things like startup speed.

When you click on ‘Adjust date/time, some options will appear. It can automatically set the time for your area or be manually adjustable according to where in North America that is geographically located at any given moment!

If I were living somewhere in California; then my choice would simply lead me down selecting Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada).

The incorrect time zone on windows creates a conflict:
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Run Diagnostics from the BIOS on startup to identify any issues

Restart your computer, and when you see the Dell logo on the screen, press F12 to run diagnostics. If this does not work, restart again until the blue/green screen appears after booting up is complete.

You will have a list of options, but this menu can only be controlled using the keys on your keyboard. There is an option that says “Diagnostics” so use those to highlight it and then press enter/return key after selecting each item one at a time until the complete installation process has been completed successfully!

The extruder fan is dusty, leading to overheating the device:

The fan on your computer is designed to cool down the machine and protect its internal components. When you notice that it is not as cold or starts giving off an unusual amount of heat for no reason.

It could be a sign some dust particles are accumulating within! Blowing out your computer’s fan may help cool it down!

If you want to get technical, there is not really an easy way for Windows 10 users–or any other operating system to check the temperature inside their device. But fortunately, we now have some free software available which will show us whether or not our processor overheats!

Run Diagnostics from the BIOS on startup to identify any issues
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Update the drivers for the hardware components on your Dell laptop

Updating your driver software is easy with the built-in Dell computer program.

If you ever notice that some of these drivers might not be up-to-date or have stopped working altogether. This tool will help fix any conflicts between components within Windows and various functions on offer through their operating system alone!

Click the Windows icon on your bottom left to open up; the Start menu and type in “support assist.” You will see ‘Support Assist’ appear as one of many options.

Click it with a mouse, and then select Get Drivers & Downloads from within this new window!

There’s also another button at the far right labeled Run Now; if you want help installing any available updates (which are often very helpful), simply click Install without hesitation since they are easy enough installs.

Update the drivers for the hardware components on your Dell laptop
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Randomly freezing Dell laptop:

If you’re experiencing random Dell laptop freezing! There are a few things that could be causing it. A conflict with the VLC media player will need to be uninstalled, and if your time zone is incorrect on Windows; then, this can cause issues as well.

The reason is that the operating system won’t know what date/time should go around these problems until they’ve been fixed one at a time through trial-and-error testing or by resetting all settings back.

Randomly freezing Dell laptop
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Dell laptop freezing on startup and logo:

One of the most frustrating issues with a new laptop is when it starts up and becomes unusable.

It can happen because there are some settings in your BIOS that need to be adjusted before you start using an external monitor or mouse, but unfortunately, they’re not accessible through Windows 10’s Settings app—you have two choices:

  1. Restart into safe mode by pressing F12 as soon as windows loads (this will show only blue-and grey screen)
  2. Access diagnostics from within Dell Facebook located at top right corner click.
Dell laptop freezing on startup and logo
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How to unfreeze the Dell Laptop?

Restarting your laptop will sometimes help free up.

 Accelerators like Windows key + Laptop keyboard buttons (LOCK SCREEN)

If you’re not using a battery, unplug the power cord for your laptop. Then plug it back in and turn it on, as usual, to fix this issue without having any other problems with apps freezing or shutting down completely!

How to unfreeze the Dell Laptop
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Conclusion paragraph:

Dell laptop freezing can be caused by many reasons. We have outlined some of the most common ones as well as solutions. If you are still experiencing this issue, we recommend that you contact Dell support or a computer technician for further assistance regarding why does my dell laptop keeps freezing?

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